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Common well known for its wines Pacherenc , Madiran , with the crossroads of the Moors, Béarn, the High Pyrenees, the Atlantic Pyrenees, and Gers .
In the heart of an area of vineyard of quality and growing fame, where the local culture is always alive, impassioned VIELLA are happy to accomodate you on his nonofficial Web server.
(Nonofficial - the site emanates the in love one with the village and is not the waiter of the town hall of Viella and does not engage it in any manner)
Discovered village  Grapes surmuris

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Viella is a village of proud Gers of its identity. One is proud to be viellanais, and enters us, there is what. .

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Details seen of Riscle of the manifestations of the canton:

Information of the french village: bulletin, festivities....

Each year, VIELLA organizes in France the latest vintage of the year, and on this occasion has fun the festival while remembering of its Past.

Discover all the richness of this demonstration to the multiple facets.

 Castle of Viella in Madiran or Pacherenc PRODUCERS OF VIELLA

Viella is the capital of Pacherenc (and Tannat)but also one of the high place of Madiran thanks to producers of first order. Presentation before a tasting indispensable(with moderation of course).

VIELLA formerly
Find the charms of Gers of formerly via postcards of time.

Viella attracts the craftsmen and artists more and more. St Sylvestre is the occasion besides to propose them during the traditional exposure to the Ricau House.

Inventory of fixtures.




Current events

It is


the restoration of the Castle of Viella for days of Madiran



Centenaires of Viella!


Listen to the viellanaise, anthem of Viella

Original partition of Viellanaise


topicality of MARCIAC

on the roads of Madiran...


program movies MARCIAC



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